I have often been told I am unduly sensitive. I take things-even jokes- too seriously. But I strictly believe what makes us laugh actually signifies our personality.

Few days back I went for movie called जत्रै-जत्रा (Jatrai Jatra). In the movie, they used word माल (Mal) as metaphor for women. And the whole hall was echoing of laughter, worst part was hearing high pitched women voices guffaw. First of all, what is Mal? According to संक्षिप्त नेपाली शब्द सागर (Sanchipta Nepali sabda sagar i.e Nepali language dictionary) Mal is any goods that can be useful in human life and has monetary value. While whole mass is laughing in the so-called comedy, do we even realize there is a 14-year-old son in the corner laughing at the same joke thinking its completely fine to refer women as goods with monetary value?

I wonder how can we remain indifferent, when our eight-year-old kid is laughing, watching Kapil Sharma show in which he repeatedly shames fat people saying bhais/hatti (buffalo/elephant), mocks people with color, scoff at third gender identity, cracks lame sexist jokes. Do we even realize we are raising a kid who thinks it is funny to have obesity problem, to have dark complexion or to be different in any way. Or, what if our kid is bullied for not meeting social beauty standard?

There were actual cool silent comedies like Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean which got whole world laugh without a word. So, if you are listening something as powerful as voice make sure what makes you laugh in screen isn’t harassment in someone else’s real life. Just because crowd does “HAHA” over thing doesn’t mean it is funny to the world. Make your “HaHa” worth everyone’s happiness.