Florida has survived a series of severe sinkhole disaster from water park sinkhole formationin 1981 near Orlando to the horrific sinkhole of winter 2013. Geology of Florida is highly prone to karst formation since most of Florida is underlain by hundreds of meters of carbonate rocks. Florida Geological Survey 2004 reported the higher distribution of sinkholes towards the north and west-central Florida. While towards, southern and east-central Florida significantly less or very mild spatial distribution of sinkholes has been reported, however with help of aerial imagery we have come to see the tremendous amount of depressional features. In this research, widely used remote sensing technique, LIDAR was used to delineate the Sinkholes of Allapattah Flat. And, the morphometric Parameters were calculated. Similar techniques can be employed on a large scale in flat terrain to extract the sinkhole boundaries and measure the physical parameters. Accuracy assessment is limited to satellite imagery inspection, a field visit was not done. While selecting the sampling site, the landscapes which could be misclassified such as road, quarries, or canals were avoided considering the time factor. However, it can be corrected masking out such landscapes, if present.

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